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6-year Course

Modele Anatomiczne

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Modele anatomiczne są dostępne w takich sklepach jak np.:,,

Login instruction

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In case of any problems with login, please contact us by email:

providing information: personal number, name, surname and course.


Golden Scapula contest

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First selection to "Golden Scapula 2012" contest is held on Monday, April 16th - 18:30. The selection (test only) is held in the main lecture room of Anatomy Department. Test consists of 100 questions (100 minutes) - the material covers all tests till upper limb (excl. abdomen, pelvis and lower limb). First 10 candidates participate in next selection during which we select 5 best, who are exempted on final anatomy exam. The candidatures should be sent to the address: till March 30th.